The Fourth Floor

The Fourth Floor: A Next Level Community


Breen Sullivan




Claim to Fame - The Chief Administrative Officer and GC for Watermark Insights LLC, an Education Technology company. Established and built out the legal function for two high growth, early stage companies (energy efficiency and data science).

Board Experience - Has served and continues to Serve as Corporate Secretary.

Business Experience - Angel Investor and Advisor to SpotOn!

Hidden Talents - Can rock a thrift store like no one's business.

Aparna Srinivasan



Advisor & Co-Founder  

Claim to Fame - Aparna is the CEO and Founder of SpotOn!

Board Experience - Chair of the board.

Business Experience - A serial entrepreneur,  Aparna owned and operated a successful promotional marketing & manufacturing company, until 2017 , when she founded  SpotOn.  

Hidden Talents - Axe throwing.

Sarah Feingold





Claim to Fame - The first lawyer (and 17th employee) at Etsy, helping to take the company public. First General Counsel at Vroom.

Board Experience - Experience serving as a Corporate Secretary.

Business Experience - Seasoned business executive and startup advisor.  The New York Law Journal awarded Sarah with the GC Impact Award.

Hidden Talents - An accomplished public speaker, entrepreneur, metalsmith, and scholar at NYU Law School.

Katrin de Haën


     Director of Operations & Community

Claim to Fame - Inventor of the Pedi Spacer

Business Experience -  Kat is an inventor and entrepreneur at heart.  She patented and brought to market a popular consumer beauty product and runs an upscale silk fashion line.  She is also experienced with large scale US retailers including Amazon, Macy's Inc., Bed, Bath, and Beyond, JCPenney, and Walmart.

Hidden Talents - Cooking, Interior Design, and child wrangling

Chloe Cheimets


Director of Communications

Claim to Fame  - Marketing Strategist and Co-Founder of ArtSnob

Business Experience -  Chloe is an experienced consumer researcher and marketing strategist. She co-founded ArtSnob, a service that generates personalized recommendations for wall art using cutting-edge data science. 

Hidden Talents - Celebrity spotting