Welcome to The Upside Conversation Series

Here we explore how a major crisis can reorder society for better or for worse, and how we, as a community, can harness and promote the ‘better.’

Building Culture & Engagement in a Virtual Workplace with Debbie Epstein Henry

We are in uncharted territory and many are wondering how to inspire a team, keep colleagues connected and build and sustain a culture working virtually. We will explore success strategies for working remotely and deepening our relationships to do our best and be our best in these uncertain times.

Founders & Investments with Emily Green of Ellevest

Intro to Financial Markets with Emily Green of Ellevest

Women Founders, You Are the Embodied Leaders of The Future with Cherie Aimée

There is a massive shift unfolding in the world and in business. In this interview with world renowned near-death survivor and digital transformational leader, Cherie Aimée, learn why women as leaders, board members, and founders are exactly what is needed during this global transformation of death and rebirth.  

Paying It Forward with Di Di Chan

Di Di talks about how she and her company are "Paying It Forward" during these times and offers advice to other founders.

Getting Future Ready with Nita Sanger

Nita covers actions that firms (large, mid, small and start-ups), and individuals, need to take to improve their efficiency and effectiveness and be "future-ready". 

Business Continuity in the Time of Covid-19 with Breen Sullivan

Breen Sullivan discusses how she is guiding Watermark through these unprecedented times.

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informative and fun

Evolve presents an interactive workshop  to connect and gain first-hand insights from fellow women entrepreneurs. 

This is for female founders, women leaders of start ups, executives, women on boards, and budding entrepreneurs as well as those looking to learn more about female entrepreneurship.

Health and Happiness for Employers and Employees During the Covid-19 Era

AON helps us explore:

  • Optimizing programs that are available through your employee benefits programs
  • Tools and online support for you, your immediate and extended families/friends
  • How to work safely and effectively at home
  • Ergonomic tips & Wellness challenges
  • How to keep engaged and socially healthy

Employment Law Issues During these Uncertain Times with Greenwald Doherty LLP

A discussion with employment law attorneys from Greenwald Doherty LLP, who are on the front lines of the many delicate legal and business issues facing employers in the current pandemic. In the last few weeks, the legal framework in the employment arena has shifted significantly for businesses. This timely discussion addresses the major employment law questions the business community is currently struggling with.

Going Slow with Tiffany Hopkins

In January, 2018 Tiffany left her high pressure marketing job in New York City to slow down in the small town of Lily Dale, New York. She had the privilege of choice and time as she learned to reprogram her physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual self to thrive in a simple life. Tiffany cooks all her own food, works from home, lives with less, focuses on her health, and finds strength from within.  It has not always been easy going slow. Tiffany did it. 

How to Make a Cheese Plate with Agatha Khishchenko of Belle Cheese

Founder Breen Sullivan and Co-Founder Sarah Feingold introduce The Fourth Floor at the "Soft Launch", May 201