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Designed with women executives, founders and budding investors in mind, our Individual Memberships provide a variety of ways to advance your goals. 

Search for and be matched to board and senior-level job opportunities, join The Back Room Investment Club, and network with peers and incredible women you might not usually meet. 

Benefit from personalized programming, resources, perks, connections, and recommendations. 



Designed to benefit and advance companies of all sizes, our Company Memberships provide a range of options:

The ability to post board and job opportunities and recruit top women talent.

Option to nominate board-ready women in your organization for a free annual membership as a powerful professional development tool.

Access to The Back Room for startups & funds seeking funding and deal flow.

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Platform Features

Board Seat Exchange

Ecosystem companies post board opportunities and recruit from our pool of diverse candidates. 

Candidates search and are matched to board opportunities.

1350 Participants (Companies and Candidates)

700+ Board-related opportunities

500+ Ecosystem companies 

20+ Countries represented

Membership Community

Executives, founders and investors, share expertise, resources, and opportunities. 

paid members access additional programming, curriculum & speaking opportunities to grow careers, and ecosystem companies.

500+ Founders, 900+ Board Candidates, 80+ Angels, LPs & Funds

~35% Women of Color

The Back Room

Our Private Investment Club.

Investors find deal flow and connect with other investors.

Ecosystem companies seek funding and network with Angels, LPs and women-led & focused funds.

57 women-led or women-focused ecosystem companies raising capital

35 Angels, LPs, and Funds

Recently finished Beta

Job Board

Ecosystem companies post job opportunities and recruit from a pool of diverse candidates.

Candidates search and are matched to job opportunities.

Preference-based matching to candidates.*

Bespoke recruitment services.*

*Slated to be available Q4 of 2022

recommened Plans



Board Candidate Membership
$ 960
Yearly ($246 Quarterly)
  • Private Membership Community
  • Personalized Profile
  • Job Board
  • Directories
  • Board Seat Exchange
  • Board Candidate Profile
  • Board Candidate Directory


Startup Membership
$ 500
  • Dynamic Recruiter Company Profile
  • 2 Premium Board Candidate Memberships
  • Board Seat Exchange
  • Candidate Directories
  • Job Board
  • DE&I Seal
  • Pay It Forward Promise

not sure what membership is right for you?

Join us for a platform tour to find out.

Bring your questions and we will help you decide the best plan for you. 

Heads Up!


This membership is designed for women who are entrepreneurs, senior executives, Partners, accomplished VPs, or hold an equivalent executive leadership role within their organization with an established career and ≥ 10 years of professional experience. To qualify for membership, you must share our commitment to drive systemic change by getting more women on to boards, funded and writing checks.

Heads Up!


This membership is designed for Idea Stage – Series A startup companies with plans to significantly scale in the next 36 months.

Build out a powerful team of advisors so you can scale. Join our Membership Community. Bring 2 board-ready superstar women in your network along for the ride!

Seal:  you earn DE&I Credits for each board career advanced. Earn extra points for every Board Opportunity posted!  

Together, we will advance 75k board careers for women by 2025! 

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