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Bring the convenience of online shopping into your stores with mobile self checkout and more.


Quipu is a digital marketplace for micro-merchants that builds credit, offers a digital means of exchange to unbanked populations, and taps the economic potential of the informal economy. Using the Quipu app, micro-entrepreneurs create business profiles to buy, list and sell goods and services on the Quipu digital market using a local token system. Businesses are mapped on the Quipu Market enabling users to reach new customers and increase sales. Users can increase their purchasing power by transacting in quipus, interest-free community credits, instead of pesos, so they save their cash for expenses outside the community like education.


We specialize in security questionnaires for small business sellers.


Diamond NestEgg is the only Fintech with a complete, holistic and award-winning financial wellness solution for aging baby boomers, seniors and their families, addressing their highest daily financial pain points of bill payment, budgeting/ financial coaching and fraud monitoring. Whether mom and dad are 65 and tech-savvy or 105 and do not like mobile phones, whether they are aging at home or in a community, whether they live down the block or across the country, Diamond NestEgg has a solution that meets their personal financial management needs as they age.


Your federal court data, at your fingertips


EggFund was founded by an infertility sufferer, who experienced first hand the high cost and stress of treatment. Her mission to make  the process more affordable and less stressful for those who came after her, led to the creation of EggFund.   


Radical Health combines meaningful conversations with AI powered tech to improve health equity in historically marginalized communities. Founded in the Bronx, Radical Health is an Afro-Latina led social enterprise. Radical Health hosts in person workshops and trainings designed to elicit deeper conversations around the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) within communities and for providers. Radical Relay is an AI based chat app that empowers individuals to "Know Their Rights" throughout pregnancy and beyond and helps ask the right questions to ensure equity for all.


eGrace.Love is the Luxury of Handmade, a highly curated place for confident, discerning women to engage in a distinctive shopping experience and share in our artisans' stories. We carry an evolving product line of jewelry, accessories, & home decor with personalized customer service for her self-defined lifestyle.


Solstice is dedicated to bringing affordable solar power to the 80% of Americans who cannot install a rooftop system. Community solar offers a solution, enabling residents to support local clean energy at no upfront cost and save money on their electric bill every year. Solstice enrolls households and community organizations in shared solar farms, creates financing innovations that expand access to underserved Americans (the EnergyScore), and provides frictionless subscriber management software for community solar projects. Solstice has partnered with Techstars Ventures, Obvious Ventures, the Dept. of Energy, and Echoing Green, and has been featured by TEDWomen, the Sierra Club, the White House, Forbes, Fast Company, Marie Claire, Elle, and Greentech Media.


Sensaq’s revolutionary Integrated Sensor Data Management System (ISDMS) offers seamless integration between field instrumentation and data management.


New membership model built on a platform of community, innovation, and expertise dedicated to accelerating retail transformation to engage and delight shoppers


Wayaj, an app that brings ecofriendly hotels at your fingertips. Wayaj offers a wide selection of sustainable destinations (currently +350 hotels/resorts/villas…, in 91 countries) that are suitable for any travel style.


CraftJam is the SoHo NYC-based “experience-first” company that is making crafting cool, social and memorable. Our turn-key arts, crafts, and wellness workshops are completely mobile and we’ve facilitated events for up to 1000 people for companies like Google, McKinsey, STORY/Macy’s and many more.


We enable free, proactive and automatic rebooking of flights during delays and cancellations. We provide a platform to continuously monitor upcoming flights, view the probability of a disruption on those flights and automatically rebook the flight for free when there is a high probability of disruption or confirmed disruption. With Pilota, travelers will no longer have to deal with the stress and frustration of flight disruptions and will be able to save the time and money caused by them.


Curious Jane is an education company for girls ages 6 to 11, with DIY projects and programs all revolving around science + engineering + design. We work with thousands of girls through our camps and workshops. And we print an ad-free maker magazine available on newsstands and online. Curious Jane is for girls who like to make things!


A pet friendly ride share service.


The Vendry is building the platform where corporate event planners will find inspiration and hire the best professionals for their next event.


Whiskey Stories is a 5 year old Michelin Guide recommended luxury mutlisensory immersive whiskey experiences company.


Warmintro is the best platform for professional communities. Accelerators and professional networking groups from around the world are using Warmintro to manage introductions between members and Warmintro is the central hub for all community interactions between key events.


Economic Development Impacts (EDImpacts) is a strategic advisory firm serving clients seeking growth in the complex and fast-paced world of global e-commerce. Most recently, EDImpacts has focused on the dual emerging industries of blockchain (distributed ledger technology & token economics) and cannabis, advising companies on how to transform old industries and create new ones.


Livepin is a cloud-based live broadcasting platform that helps businesses reach and grow audience by providing intelligent distribution solutions through global delivery and real-time analysis of video content.


At Tenshey, our mission is to advance gender diversity through Executive Coaching and leadership development, one female leader at a time.


FitPros is a workplace wellness service provider that delivers physical and mental health programs to improve lifestyle habits of employees. FitPros works to create custom solutions that recruit and retain employees to improve people’s health, happiness, and commitment to their employer.


Priori is the legal marketplace changing the way in-house teams find, hire and manage outside counsel. Using data and technology, Priori rapidly connects teams from 1 to 1000+ with the right attorney for any project globally. Priori's clients include Fortune 500 enterprises and leading technology companies, who use Priori's platform to find vetted boutique firms for projects requiring niche expertise, local counsel, cost-control or overflow capacity support. The company was shortlisted as a 2018 and 2019 Financial Times Intelligent Business for its work reducing the cost of legal services for corporate clients by 60-80%

Pink Moon is a modern retail + wellcare oasis created by women, for women – of every life stage. We offer a unique curation of products, informative workshops, and soul-nourishing services. Our mission is to provide a communal sanctuary that inspires sustainable living and genuine self-love. 


Partners in Company is a data storytelling consultancy that combines the talents of data scientists, business operators, and designers to holistically analyze an organization’s datasets to unearth impactful insights that better drive strategy, story, brand, and consumer experience.


2Swim is a social messaging app with an emphasis on close connections and private communities. They’re in the midst of launching with invite-only access for their first cohort of Community Partners — their early GTM focus is on POC-, LGBTQ+-, and/or womxn-centric groups.

Consumer Products


Revol Inc. is a fashion tech startup based out of NewYork city; We make tech-enabled fashion products and travel accessories and make them relevant to the digital age. Cashew is the flagship product of Revol and is the world's first Smart Wallet with Fingerprint reader & Bluetooth connectivity.


Queen of Raw is a marketplace to buy and sell unused textiles, keeping it out of landfill and turning pollution into profit.


mazi + zo designs jewelry for today's sorority women who shake things up, rise to the challenge and live large. We also offer terrific layering pieces for the "uninitiated" (we have sold out of stars and kites twice) and will be dropping new designs monthly. Please contact me through the site for a 20% off code and follow @maziandzo on IG for updates.


Stylish Spoon is an online real foods bakery. We only use simple, naturally gluten-free, plant-based ingredients in all our baked goods. The treats that come out of our kitchen are fast, easy, and convenient – but take a lot of time, love, and care to prepare. Our signature is a baked OatMEAL, a one-handed oatmeal that is nutrient-dense and super delicious.


Small Packages is a curated care package company that makes it easier and more affordable for women to maintain their friendships.


EyeTemp reminds you when you leave on appliances or candles!


Printing multiple unique images on all-purpose napkins: successively, collated, and double sided - all in one order!


MeToo Kit is a sexual assault evidence collection kit for at-home use.


At Palermo Body believe in creating awareness and transparency around health and wellness. We are determined to bring safe and natural options to the forefront of the skincare industry. We do this by creating completely natural products with quality ingredients while making their benefits clear and accessible.


Lilu builds technology to empower new moms. Their first product, the Lilu Massage Bra, is a hands-free pumping bra with automated breast massage to help moms pump more milk.


We Are Fluide creates vegan, cruelty-free, highly pigmented beauty products designed for all skin shades and gender identities. We believe that makeup is joyful and fun — as well as powerful and transformative — and nobody should be left out. Through showcasing and celebrating people of all gender expressions and providing a platform for the LGBTQ+ community, Fluide hopes to promote broad definitions of beauty and inspire others to create their identities on their own terms.


Tux Couture Is A Luxe Collection Of Tuxedo Separates Custom Made Expressly For Women


Public Habit is on a mission to transform how clothing is made, delivered, and consumed. We produce premium-quality essentials designed to last in small batches and ship directly from the source. We only make what we sell to minimize waste and strip out inefficiencies in the supply chain. 


We use quality organic seeds and oats to deliver a powerful nutrient dense snack that's easy to grab-and-go. Byrdfood's blend of plant based protein, healthy fats, fiber, and complex carbs conveniently keeps you fueled and satiated for your active life, while also feeling good about the quality organic ingredients you are eating. Great way for all the busy female founders/badasses to stay fueled!


At B.O.S.S. Food Co., we know that energy food isn't always clean food. That's why we craft 100% plant-based snacks that fuel you with function, providing energy and focus with no stimulants so your entire family can enjoy them.


Private Packs provide immediate relief from vulva pain. With full front-to-back coverage, instant one-touch activation, and natural sleeves, V pain will never be a reason to reach for frozen veggies for down there comfort again.

Private Packs are designed with busy women in mind. Discreet and reusable, they go wherever you go. To yoga, to work, or to run after your newborn. Private Packs are a sustainable, effective treatment for the discomfort that the majority of women experience at some point in their lives. They don’t require a microwave or a bowl of hot water. They are lighter than a bag of frozen veggies and slimmer than a water bottle. They bring you the comfort you deserve, on your own schedule, so you can get back to doing what you love.


Pink Moon is a modern retail + wellcare oasis created by women, for women – of every life stage. We offer a unique curation of products, informative workshops, and soul-nourishing services. Our mission is to provide a communal sanctuary that inspires sustainable living and genuine self-love. 



Motivote leverages behavioral nudges and group dynamics to help people follow through on their intentions, starting with voting in elections.


Less Than Half is an online publication and offline community centered around women in the arts. lessthanhalf.org includes exhibition reviews and interviews with female artists in New York City, while the members group features women artists through monthly studio visits, gallery walks, and lectures.