members in the spotlight

Yang Cheung


Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Livepin Inc.

ABOUT: Yang Cheung is a co-founder of Livepin, a cloud-based SaaS live broadcasting platform that helps businesses reach and grow their audience by providing intelligent distribution solutions through global delivery and real-time analysis of video content. Prior to co-founding Livepin, Yang spent 13 years in software development and product management in the financial services industry.  

GIVE: Help other founders with product related questions. Bring more members to The Fourth Floor community. 

GET: Introduction to potential partners, clients, advisors, and investors. 

FUN FACT: Yang lives in Brooklyn with her parents, in-laws, husband, son, daughter, dog and frog.  

NEWS: We have released real time transcription and translation feature in closed beta. Please let me know if you would like to see a demo!

Wendy Heilbut


        Partner, Jayaram Law

       Lawyers for Innovators®

ABOUT: I started in BigLaw and after a handful of years, I ran for the hills eschewing law altogether and spending the next five years in a start-up, a non-profit and home with my kids.  When I founded the New York City practice of Jayaram Law, I discovered that I actually love private practice, I just needed to find a forum that matched my passions.  I am also an angel investor and over the last three years I have built a legal practice that bridges the gap between traditional law and innovative growth.  In addition to advising early stage companies, I work with larger entities in managing their domestic and international trademark portfolios,
cross-border trademark strategies, and the intellectual property direction for companies such as Rebecca Minkoff’s Female Founder Collective, The Shatter Fund and Ankura Consulting Group.
GIVE: 30 minute general mentor calls with Founders.  AMA! (Ask me anything!)
GET: I am looking to hire a junior corporate associate and an administrative assistant in my New York office; I would love any referrals. 
FUN FACT: I grew up on an intentional spiritual community (think: commune without the indoctrination) in West Virginia.  
NEWS: I know of a number of fantastic founders looking for co-founders, if anyone is looking to become a co-founder to a very early stage business, please let me know.

Ivelyse Andino


CEO & Founder of Radical Health.

ABOUT: Ivelyse is the founder of Radical Health, the first Latina owned Public Benefit Corp in NY. Radical Health improves health equity through meaningful conversations and technology. The latest app Radical Relay is a “know your rights” for health AI based chatbot that helps pregnant people ask the right questions before, during and after pregnancy to address maternal health inequities.
GIVE: I love thinking strategically about alternate ways to generate revenue or how to maximize social impact. 
GET: I’d love to meet others who have bootstrapped companies and scaled. 
FUN FACT: In her spare time, Ivelyse loves to thrift. She had a side hustle selling used clothes to support Radical Health in its early stages.  
NEWS: Ivelyse was recently appointed as a Commissioner to the NYC Commission on Gender Equity.

Carmela Rea


Founder and CEO of EggFund

ABOUT: EggFund helps the 1 in 8 Americans suffering from infertility afford their dream of having a baby by providing affordable loans.  We provide funding for fertility treatment, adoption and surrogacy. Within months of launching, EggFund surpassed $1M in loans funded to men and women, across the US, to build their families.  Our goal is to create thousands of families, and plan to introduce additional products in the next year. Prior to starting EggFund, Carmela had a successful 20 year career in the art world. Most recently, as co-President of a global art media group. After starting EggFund, she found out she was pregnant. She lives in NYC with her daughter, Elisabeth, and husband Geoff.
GIVE:  I'd like to get more members and organizations involved. 
GET:  A strategic legal advisor who can help us as we build out the business by making introductions to potential partners and investors, and/or providing strategic compliance/financial advice.
FAVORITE QUOTE: "If it's easy, it's probably not worth doing."
NEWS: We are about to onboard new lenders to meet more of the customer demand for EggFund's affordable loans

Stephanie Benedetto


CEO & Founder of  Queen of Raw

ABOUT:  Corporate attorney turned fashion tech and sustainability entrepreneur. Stephanie is the Co-Founder of Queen of Raw, a marketplace to buy and sell unused textiles, keeping it out of landfill and turning pollution into profit. Stephanie is a NASA/NIKE/IKEA/DELL Innovator, a Grand Prize WeWork Creator Awards Winner presented by Ashton Kutcher, a thredUP Circular Fashion Fund Recipient, and was nominated as a Founder to Watch by Women 2.0. She is a Member of Pledge 1% and Founding Member of Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network, along with Aveda, Kering, and Stella McCartney. 
BUSINESS WIN: Want a deep dive into sustainability, women in business, and the future of fashion, supply chain, and materials?  Check out our podcast "Material Is Your Business." 
GIVE: Expertise in sustainability and innovative marketplace technologies
GET:  Strategic partnerships with fashion brands and retailers looking to improve their bottom line by 15%
FUN FACT/HIDDEN TALENT: The first piece of fabric I ever loved was my Fisher Price Security Bunny. I still keep her with me.

Jeanine Wright


 COO & CLO of Simplecast

...a podcasting technologies company

ABOUT: Jeanine was a talent-side entertainment and media attorney (she even first-chaired and won a 2-week jury trial for a talent agency!) before transitioning into tech leadership. Since then, she's co-led the auction process to sell a company to GoDaddy, launched an international joint venture with one of the world’s largest companies, and was part of a small team charged with turn-around efforts after the company was acquired by a PE firm. She loves fundraising (not many people can say that!) and enjoys angel investing in tech startups, mentoring high-potential women professionals, and serving on corporate boards. 
INTERESTING BUSINESS: Jeanine was actually Simplecast's first outside investor 3 years ago. When Simplecast raised their Series A, the Founder invited her to join as COO full-time. 
GIVE: Advice to women founders of young companies about fundraising and maybe even some intros.
GET:  Meet more women tech executives and entrepreneurs.
FUN FACT/HIDDEN TALENT: In all of her "spare time", Jeanine keeps busy with her 2 rambunctious boys, 2 dogs, 5 chickens, a hive of bees, growing her own food and making craft beers on her little “urban farm” in Los Angeles.

Caroline McCaffrey


CEO & Co-Founder of ClearOPS, Inc.
...a privacy technology company, that is speeding up enterprise sales

ABOUT: Prior to ClearOPS, Caroline spent the last 18 years as an attorney, both as outside and in house counsel, and the last 8 years as a privacy expert.
BUSINESS WINClearOPS was just featured in a podcast called AI in the Wild. Give it a listen here.
GIVE: A seat on the ClearOps advisory board to a person who has experience in customer relationship management or privacy.
GET:  Intros to potential customers or other networking opportunities.
FUN FACT/HIDDEN TALENT: Caroline learned how to fly Cessna airplanes in her early 20s and almost got her private pilot’s licens