The Fourth Floor

The Fourth Floor: A Next Level Community


How can The Fourth Floor benefit me?

The Fourth Floor is an exciting community dedicated to fostering female entrepreneurship and the advancement of female careers.  As a member of The Fourth Floor, you will be invited to networking and educational events.  You may also participate in a hand-selected Cohort. More information on Cohorts is found below.

Is the purpose to get women on boards of publicly traded companies?

That is not our immediate goal. We aim to connect early stage companies with female legal executives for mutual benefit. In order to scale, companies need diverse and thoughtful board members /Advisors. Talented attorneys can use the experience gained from this relationship in a professional capacity. If a member of The Fourth Floor aims to join a public board, this is a good first step. As the best way to get a board seat is by having board experience. 

Is the purpose to get women on the Advisory Boards of Privately held start-ups?

Yes!  However, Founders and their potential Advisors may need to build towards an Advisory Board Membership over time.  The Fourth Floor aims to cultivate a female ecosystem of entrepreneurship, and a variety of relationships help achieve this goal.  We make introductions, provide resources to cultivate relationships, and profile success stories. We may feature inspirational stories on our website and through our social media accounts.

What is a "Cohort," and how do I apply?

A "Cohort" is a hand-selected group of early stage Founders/Co-founders and legal executives chosen to participate in a series of matching events.   

How does The Fourth Floor Work?

The Fourth Floor will host events for all Members, and facilitate matches between early stage companies and legal executives via hand-selected Cohorts.   

What resources may be available via the Member Login page?

 Resources may include:  

· Rules of Engagement for legal executives who are acting as advisors to early stage companies;

· Recommended Playbook for establishing and advancing the range of meaningful relationships from Mentor to Advisory Board Member; and

· Template Advisory Board Membership Agreements and Angel Investment related paperwork