DeCrow Dinner

We bring together thought leaders, general counsel, industry leaders, and founders to discuss how innovation impacts progress and how we can help each other be more successful.

To find out why we're calling the DeCrow read our blog post here.


It is inspiring to see the level of innovation driving business sustainability that is coming from today's women entrepreneurs.  The DeCrow dinner was an excellent opportunity to tap into shared passion and expertise from business leaders and entrepreneurs as a way to accelerate this conversation further. 


- Kristy Wallace, CEO of Ellevate Network

Very grateful for such a dynamic conversation. Super excited to meet everyone. I think we all feel the urgency to lead this major change in our lives and to adopt to the new norm, which is to be more economical, thoughtful and conscious as consumers and leaders. Covid-19 is forcing us to be more tech savvy and more innovative. Would love to continue this conversation

- Liliya Treyger, CEO/Creative Director

Transparency, inclusionary process, trustworthiness, knowledge, interconnectedness, and community agency seem to be the defining values of this group! This is exactly what we need to define the “new normal” and I’m so excited to continue to conversation. Would be very very happy to be considered for the cohort. Such a treat to meet each of you and get a little fired up.

- Johanna Lovecchio, Associate Director, Center for Resilient Cities and Landscapes at Columbia University