Elemental Board Accelerator

Our accelerator cohorts are curated, handpicked groups of change makers including a mix of founders, legal executives, and industry leaders with clear synergies in a common vertical. Participants are guided through three separate events where the goal is relationship building, sharing and reframing. We hope that every Cohort participant will leave with new, stronger and mutually beneficial connections.

We believe the Cohort is an opportunity to tangibly promote and participate in female entrepreneurship, wealth creation through angel investing and the placement of female executives on the advisory boards of early stage companies.  

Our next  Cohort: Lithium 

May 14th & 28th, 2020

**You must be an accepted member to participate.

***You must have completed Board Boot Camp and/or completed one or both of the following surveys:

To get a role

To fill a role


 Thank you for tonight. I feel super energized and motivated to meet more of the women you brought together.

                      - Daphne Earp Hoppenot, The Vendry

Loved both my neighbors - one very similar to me, one very different.

                         - Jennier Lammer, Diamond NestEgg

Excellent event with incredible boss ladies! 

                                 - Di Di Chan, FutureProof Retail

I think everyone in my groups made great progress at yesterday’s event.  I’m usually very cynical and have been very pleasantly surprised at the quality of this group. Thanks so much!

                         - Lisa Lefebvre,  Founder at MEND After Cancer