The Fourth Floor Featured Member Steph Speirs

Featured Member

Steph Speirs

Co-Founder and CEO at Solstice - Solar for every American

ABOUT: Steph is an entrepreneur and community builder with management experience in the Middle East, South Asia, and the United States. She co-founded and runs Solstice, an enterprise dedicated to radically expanding the number of American households that can take advantage of clean energy using community-shared solar farms.
GIVE: List of funders, can offer connections to investors.
GET: Advice on how to raise a Series A next year, in addition to sales advice.
FUN FACT: I know all the lyrics to every Elvis Presley song because my father was a Chinese Elvis impersonator.
NEWS: Despite the difficulties of this COVID-era, we continue to sign additional contracts with the largest wind and solar developer in the world and are expanding to a new state (IL) to work on our first urban project in the Chicago area which will also allow us to serve a more diverse customer base.

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