The Fourth Floor Featured Member Wendy Heilbut

Featured Member

Wendy Heilbut

Partner, Jayaram Law Lawyers for Innovators®

ABOUT: I started in BigLaw and after a handful of years, I ran for the hills eschewing law altogether and spending the next five years in a start-up, a non-profit and home with my kids.  When I founded the New York City practice of Jayaram Law, I discovered that I actually love private practice, I just needed to find a forum that matched my passions.  I am also an angel investor and over the last three years I have built a legal practice that bridges the gap between traditional law and innovative growth.  In addition to advising early stage companies, I work with larger entities in managing their domestic and international trademark portfolios,
cross-border trademark strategies, and the intellectual property direction for companies such as Rebecca Minkoff’s Female Founder Collective, The Shatter Fund and Ankura Consulting Group.
GIVE: 30 minute general mentor calls with Founders.  AMA! (Ask me anything!)
GET: I am looking to hire a junior corporate associate and an administrative assistant in my New York office; I would love any referrals. 
FUN FACT: I grew up on an intentional spiritual community (think: commune without the indoctrination) in West Virginia.  
NEWS: I know of a number of fantastic founders looking for co-founders, if anyone is looking to become a co-founder to a very early stage business, please let me know.

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